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Notizia 11/11/2021

Viking Medallion - Zbrush towards Resin Printing

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Viking Medallion - Zbrush to Print

In this video I used ShadowBox to create the base mesh. I chose a high resolution to get a more accurate shape.

ShadowBox's main purpose is to create any primitives you need with just a few strokes, ready for further sculpting. As I said in the previous video it is not meant to sculpt and refine models or create finely detailed models.

ShadowBox is a tool able to create all kinds of 3D primitives based on the projection of shadows towards a central volume.

First I imported the black and white drawings made with Photoshop as alpha. Then I activated the alpha on the Masks.

With ShadowBox, using masks to paint the front, side and bottom shadows of a model on the dedicated cubic ShadowBox , your model will be dynamically generated within it!

ShadowBox is based on the Remesh All function and is resolution dependent: a low resolution will create few polygons and a rough shape while a high resolution will create many polygons and a more accurate shape.

More details to :

Next video, using the same procedure I’ll show you how to make a Celtic Cross.

*** RESIN ***

I just used the Zortrax Ivory/White resin.

*** Tools and Product used ***

SLA 3D Printer: Zortrax Inkspire

If you haven't done it yet, I recommend you to watch the previous video:

Viking Medallion - PhotoShop to Zbrush

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